Recent Breakthroughs

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Spray foam key to protecting priceless pieces

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Performance Materials at work

Car color predictions inspired by need for transparency

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Houston, we have vegetables growing in space

New fertilizer allows crop to grow without soil

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Blood from a stone? Try sustainable polymers from shellfish

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Revolutionary material could see real applications sooner than we thought

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Pliable plastics bring Yamaha concept vehicle closer to reality

Visionary architect seeks to humanize transport

New polyamides handle engine temperatures without breaking a sweat

Advanced formulas provide recourse for automotive industry

Polyurethane, or as longboarders call it, “Moon Plastic”

The chemistry inside the ride

Zhangjiajie bridge walks fine line between nature and architecture

Record-breaking glass bridge designed to “disappear into the clouds”

Love your new car color? Here's why

Annual car color predictions an emotionally intuitive process

Hyperloop continues to inspire headlines and student engineers alike

New levitation system, public demo, and pod preview latest in flurry of hyper news

Transportation takes it up a notch

Stronger, faster, safer and lighter and greener than ever before.

Inspiring Innovation: World Architecture Festival Winners

For this month's photo gallery, we've gathered the winners of the World Architecture Festival.

The problem with zero-ready homes

Builders looking to sell net-zero-ready homes have a major hurdle.